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There’s more to selling your home than hammering a For Sale sign into the lawn. In fact, there’s a lot to it. From pricing to staging and making your home stand out from the competition, here are the top tips for selling your home in Key West.


Know the Market Value

Pricing your home competitively at the fair market value is easily the single-most important factor in selling your home. This is where a professional real estate agent is imperative. They’ll advise you of your home’s value given the current state of the market. With so much information available online, buyers are more informed than ever and will quickly dismiss a listing out of touch with market prices.

Make Sure the Online Listing is Attractive

In today’s digital world, the first impression a buyer gets of your home is oftentimes the online listing. Make sure it presents your home in the best possible light. This means that all of the essential information is presented clearly without anything missing. High quality photos are also essential. It’s worth it to hire a professional photographer, stage the shoot and capture each room from the most attractive angle. Shoot during the daytime to maximize natural light. When it comes to selling your home, a picture really is worth a thousand words, or dollars.

De-Clutter Your Space

This tip should come as no surprise, but you must make sure your home is clutter free. No matter how great you know your home is, prospective buyers won’t see its value or charm through a fog of clutter.


Allow a Buyer to Visualize Their Life

This is the other tried and true tip for showing. Clear the home of family photos, trophies and personal mementos. Buyers want to picture their future inside the home, which can be difficult when they see your personal memories scattered about. Create a blank canvas for them to fill in.

Always Be Ready to Show

While your house is on the market, you need to keep it in a perpetual state of being ready to show. This not only means maintaining a home that’s clean and clutter free, but also available when buyers want to come visit. If they can’t see the island of your home, they’re certainly not going to buy it.

Maximize Lighting

Good light is one of the most attractive qualities for buyers. In Key West, natural light is often easy to come by, but make sure you maximize the effects. Remove heavy curtains and make sure windows are clean. If rooms don’t have great natural light, make sure they’re well lit with attractive lamps.


Strategize Home Improvement Projects

Don’t go overboard with home improvements and remodeling before you put your home on the market. These costly improvements can be too time consuming and don’t always drive up the value. However, if you’re going to upgrade anything, make it the kitchen. This space is the heart and soul of your home and an updated kitchen is one of the most attractive qualities to a potential buyer.

Beware of Dog

Just because you love Fido doesn’t mean buyers will appreciate him barking at the front door when they arrive or jumping all over them during a showing. From allergies to phobias, it’s best to keep your pets at bay in a safe and relaxing space until the showing has concluded.

Create Added Value Temptations

How can you make your home stand out from the competition? Include the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, a flat-screen TV or brand new furniture with the purchase of the home. These value added temptations can be the tipping point for buyers who are looking for a move-in ready home.

Curb and Pool Appeal

Staging the exterior of your home is just as import as the interior, especially in Key West where you spend so much time outdoors. Make sure the lawn is mowed and the tropical foliage is trimmed and tidy. And doesn’t forget about the parts of the house unseen from the street; this tip goes for both the front and back lawns. The pool should be clean and new outdoor furniture can make a big visual impact. If you’re selling an older conch cottage, a fresh coat of bright paint doesn’t hurt either.


Replace Tarnished Accents

Key West’s corrosive salt air can wreak havoc on exterior brass fixtures like doorknobs, house numbers and mailboxes. While they may seem like small details, tarnished fixtures can age your home in the eyes of potential buyers. Give your hom

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