Owner Services

Let Us Rent Your Property as a Vacation Rental

No area in the country is as well-situated to maximize a luxury vacation rental investment. With aggressive promotion, massive hospitality infrastructure spending and record-shattering visitation numbers, Key West, Florida and the Florida Keys are an international magnet for active, affluent, sophisticated travelers.

Since 1999, Preferred Properties has been managing luxury vacation rentals and we are very rigorous in choosing which properties we will represent. From our customer experience programs to our detailed procedures, our local knowledge and vendor partnerships to our home care and security focus, Preferred Properties Key West strives every day to be the best, not the biggest.

Benefits Include:
1- Exceptional income stream
2- Guaranteed annual income
3- Sustainable, growth driven investment
4- Second home carrying costs are diluted
5- Enables earlier purchase of second home
6- It’s still your home; use it whenever you wish
7- Appreciating capital asset
8- Reducing the cost of eventual retirement home
9- Peace of mind knowing your home is being maintained and looked after all the time

Property Management and Home Care for the Absentee Homeowner
Our Absentee Homeowner Services program is for owners of second homes or vacation properties that do not plan to rent them under our typical property management program but would still like a professional team to maintain it in top condition for the personal enjoyment of their family and guests.
We understand the constraints of distance and time in caring for a second home and strive to help you fully enjoy your investment and vacation time by offering a full range of services to make sure your property is well cared for and secure.

Absentee Homeowner Services Include:
- Once weekly home walk through and property check:
- Plumbing, electrical and water
- Heating & air systems
- Appliances
- Windows & door
- Pests and odors
- External security
- Opening of home (heat/air, lights, water) prior to owner or guest arrival
- Twice yearly home evaluation
- Coordination and opening of home for other services
- Local contact for security and emergency calls

Are you looking for a long term tenant?
We provide a number of great services to our owners, because we want to keep them happy and coming back to us again and again. One of those services is the advertising and placing of long term tenants into your investment rental properties. You need renters in your property in order to get the income you're looking for and we'll advertise it properly to help ensure a high occupancy rate.
We also screen potential tenants. We look at their rental history, credit history, and ability to pay. You can feel comfortable with the tenants we select moving into your property because you will know they have been screened and approved.

Once we've approved a tenant, we'll handle the preparation of the lease and we'll also collect the security deposit and hold it until the tenant vacates the property. As long as the property is left clean and in good condition, we're happy to return the security deposit to the tenant. If there's any damage, we'll use a portion of the deposit to make repairs so you don't have to worry about them.

Every month, we'll collect the rent and send it to you, minus management fees and any maintenance that has been done. You will receive a detailed account of any money that was withheld, so you will know exactly where it went and why.

We can also pay other bills for you, such as condo fees, utilities, and mortgage payments if you are looking for a hands-off approach to your property.

In the rare event that there is a lease violation, we'll also arrange for any necessary maintenance to take place and handle problems that could occur up to and including eviction proceedings. As one of our owners, you can relax, knowing that your property is being taken care of.

Our level of service can be tailored to fit your needs. Simply let us know how we can best help you.

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