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Information for Florida Keys Home Buyers

Now is one of the best times to invest in Florida Keys real estate. The market has recovered from a low point in 2010, and sales have increased significantly as a result. Overall, total home sales are up 14% from 2012 and 59% from 2011 in this fast-moving market.

Single family homes are especially desirable properties. From 2011, single family home sales jumped by 67%. Sales continued to increase by 17% over the course of 2012. Homes don’t stay listed for long, and life in the Florida Keys is ideal for buyers who enjoy laid-back island living and unbelievable natural beauty.

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Information for Florida Keys Home Sellers

If you’re looking to sell your home in the Florida Keys, the outlook is positive as selling price has increased across the board. The average selling price for property in the Keys is up by 18% from 2012 and 13% from 2011. The median selling price has grown by 11% from 2012 and 12% from 2011.

For parties eager to sell their homes quickly, the average number of days on the market dropped from 202 to 166 in 2013. Sales are also keeping pace with the number of new properties listed. In 2013, the year began with 233 properties on the market and ended with 244. Similar trends can be observed in 2012, where 284 properties were listed on the market at the beginning of the year, and 225 remained as the year came to a close.

In 2013, February, June through August and December were the hottest months of the year for home sales. Slower months included January, September and October. The Florida Keys real estate market continues to grow with unique and beautiful properties available to meet the needs of every buyer.

Source: Key West Association of Realtors